1. Award for Teachers with Highest Potential
  2. Award for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education
  3. Award for Cutting -edge Researchers
  4. Award for Scientists
  5. Young Scientist Award
  6. Award for the Scientists for Relentless Service
  7. Award for Pioneer in Research
  8. Achievers Award for Engineers
  9. Award for the Engineers with most Realistic Vision
  10. Award for the Best Entrepreneur
  11. Award for the Innovative Industrialist
  12. Award for the Best Paper Presentation 
  13. International Award for Excellence Teaching Methodology
  14. International Pride of Educationist AWARD
  15. International Life Time Best Teaching Award
  16. International Life Time Best Researcher Award
  17. International Research Supervisor Award
  18. International Young Educationist and Motivator Award 
  19. Distinguished Student Award
  20. Distinguished Achievement Award
  21. Enhanced Career Professional Development Award
  22. Young Professional Career Development Award
  23. Innovative Technological Research & Dedicated Principal Award
  24. Innovative and Dedicated Engineer Award
  25. Award for Excellent in Professional Achievement Award
  26. Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Best Professor Award
  27. Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Teacher Award
  28. Innovative and Dedicated Lab Technician Award
  29. Innovative Research Technologist
  30. Dedicated Senior Technician Award
  31. Young Professional Development Award
  32. Innovative and Dedicated Teaching Professional Award
  33. Innovative and Dedicated Faculty Award
  34. Innovative and Dedicated Educationalist Award
  35. Innovative and Dedicated MathePmatician Award
  36. Innovative and Dedicated Science Teacher Award
  37. Innovative and Dedicated Agriculturist Award
  38. Innovative and Dedicated   Chemist Award
  39. Innovative & Dedicated Academician Award
  40. Outstanding Female Teacher Award
  41. Excellent Professional Career Development Award
  42. Innovative and Dedicated Professional Engineer Award
  43. Innovative & Dedicated Technologist Award
  44. Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Entrepreneur Award
  45. Innovative Professional Achievement Award
  46. Most Innovative Research Paper Award
  47. Innovative Academic Researcher Award
  48. Young Researcher Award
  49. Most Innovative Scientific Research Award
  50. Award for most Dedicated School Teacher
  51. Innovative and Dedicated Physical Educationalist Award
  52. Innovative Project Award
  53. Innovative Paper in Medical Science Technology Award
  54. Innovative Medical Science Practitioner Award
  55. Innovative Medical Technology Practitioner Award
  56. Innovative Law Practitioner Award
  57. Innovative Business Practitioner Award
  58. Most Dedicated Service Achievement Award
  59. Innovative & Dedicated Journalist Award
  60. Fellow Member Recognition Award
  61. Dedicated Public Service Organization Award
  62. Award for Excellence in Poetry and Criticism in Urdu Language